Classes take place at the Farmhouse Delivery kitchen in Austin, Texas.

No previous experience is required to participate in our classes, but participants must be atleast 13+ years of age. Each class is small in number, between 4 to 6 students depending on the class, in order to maintain an intimate, focused experience. 100% of the meat comes directly from our ranch and leaves with you.


Kent Schoberle, Chief Meat Officer at Augustus Ranch

Kent began his career in butchery while working as an animator in the San Francisco Bay Area. What began as an interest in learning more about anatomy turned into a relentless pursuit of understanding where our food comes from and how to best cook and eat it. He made a full time career switch and began volunteering at farms, kitchens, and butcher shops in the area. After years of working with many talented chefs, butchers, and farmers, Kent returned to his home state of Texas to continue his passion with Augustus Ranch.

As a butcher in California, Kent had the opportunity to teach multiple classes ranging from whole beef, pig, lamb, goat, poultry, sausage making, and general cooking skills. Eventually he helped open a full service butcher shop that specialized in old world style charcuterie and salumi using locally raised animals from exceptional farmers. 

In these classes, we will explore the concept that every part of the animal has a purpose. A unique set of attributes and qualities which are naturally suited for a variety of delicious products. Students will be guided through a fully hands on experience and leave with the fruits of their labor.

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