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The final holiday season of 2018 is right around the corner and you may be wondering about some great gift options for the meat lovers in your life. Maybe it's someone who loves cooking and gadgets, or perhaps it's a friend or family in a different state which would appreciate serving some delicious, quality meats for a memorable meal. Whatever the case may be, here are our top 5 picks under $100 for 2018!


There's no gadget, book, or object which can replace the value of real, honest meat that has been raised by a family in the most humane, natural conditions possible. Not only does it taste amazing, but you can know the story behind the food you're sharing. Food helps bring people together for memorable experiences, so the best gift for a meat lover is... meat! Like this 28-day aged boneless NY strip loin roast pictured above.

In addition to roasts, we've created some great holiday gift pack options which you can have wrapped and shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Visit our online shop for more details: Augustus Ranch Holiday Roasts and Packages.


If someone is serious about cooking meat, that means they're serious about paying close attention to cooking the piece of meat properly. One crucial step in this process is cooking to accurate internal temperatures. ThermoWorks makes some of the best meat thermometers out there! At $99 it's not the cheapest option available, but it's the last meat thermometer one will ever need. This tool is portable, long lasting, and has instant read capabilities. If you're looking for a thermometer with more bells and whistles, they've got a whole range of other options, but you can't beat the classic Thermapen MK4 as seen in the photo. I've been using this thermometer for years and it has never failed me. This is a gift which will also fit in a stocking!


This book is hot off the press, just in time for the 2018 holiday season. Author Steven Rinella, accomplished writer and outdoors enthusiast, is the creator and host of the popular Meat Eater show as seen on Netflix. Steven's knowledge and passion on the subject stems from his childhood where he spent countless hours with his brothers trapping, fishing, and hunting in their local Twin Lake, Michigan surroundings. Steven not only has a deep understanding on the subject of hunting and preparing wild game, but you can tell right away that he simply loves cooking and eating. He's also had quite a few close calls in the natural world, like being charged by a monstrous Alaskan grizzly bear after returning to an elk he shot the day prior. I have to admit that I haven't yet received my copy of his latest cookbook, The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook, but having read all of his previous works, I can assure you that this one is going to be worth having in the collection.


You may be wondering, why would someone really need a meat slicer? It might seem like a luxury, something that collects dust and maybe gets used once or twice per year, but it's actually a valuable tool that will become indispensable in the long run! Don't spend money on sliced deli meats when you can buy larger roasts at more affordable prices and slice them yourself. Another great application would be for thin slicing partially frozen beef for jerky or slicing your own bacon (we've got how-to guides on making your own beef jerky and bacon at home). This slicer not only works well on meat, but can also cut cheese and vegetables with consistent results. This particular slicer, the Cuisinart FS-75, is less than $60. If you think someone is really serious about slicing meat, you can easily spend over $100 for a slicer more sturdy and made from stainless steel. But I'll be honest, the results this slicer has delivered have impressed me. Plus it isn't very large so it will fit nicely in the cabinet or pantry closet.


Thomas Keller is arguably the greatest living American chef. His legacy in part stems from The French Laundry, a restaurant which many believe to be one of the best in the world (if not THE best). He's gone on to open several successful restaurant concepts since The French Laundry in addition to writing spectacular cookbooks. MasterClass is an online learning platform where experts are hired to create top notch training videos and outlines on their respective subjects. For $90, one can get full access to this Meat Cooking Masterclass with Chef Thomas Keller which covers all the basics someone will need to become utterly successful in the art of meat cookery at home. The course includes 22 lessons in total, and even though I have not personally taken this class, I know the content is going to be well worth the value based on the reputation of Thomas Keller alone.

There you have it! These are some solid gift options that won't break the bank for the meat lovers in your life. Let's be honest though, you probably deserve these gifts yourself because we both know you're going to share the fruits of the labor with your friends and family during the holidays and beyond. Treat yourself and have a wonderful rest of 2018!

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