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Ground meat mixed with spices and herbs. That's the most basic definition of sausage, but there are many details when you get down to making it. Such as the types of meat or fat you put into the mix, how it is mixed, etc. Pan sausage refers to uncased sausage, great for patties or adding to other dishes for flavoring. Cased sausage refers to those classic links which keep everything nicely held together. Hog casings are typically shorter and thicker (think Italian sausage) while sheep's casings are thinner and sometimes longer (think hot dogs or breakfast links). Options are as follows:

  • Breakfast pan sausage - savory mix of herbs and subtle spices with no sugar or un-natural additives
  • Italian pan sausage - classic fennel Italian sausage with herbs and subtle hints of anise. No sugar or un-natural additives.
  • Italian linked sausage - same recipe, but stuffed into hog casings. There are four links to a pack.
  • Beef & Pork grillers - simple and tasty, perfect for kids. Think of these links (sheep casing) as uncooked hot dogs, similarly seasoned with paprika and a touch of onion powder. There are 7 links to a pack.

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