Support Local Farmers by Buying All-Natural Texas Beef


Feeding corn to cows in a cramped feedlot is easy—and cheap. But these sorts of living conditions, common with mass-produced beef companies, are questionable for both the interests of consumers and animals alike. National meat producers often rely on antibiotics and hormones to sustain stressed-out cows in an environment (and on a diet) that makes it easier for them to get sick.

As consumers have become more aware of the conditions in the livestock industry, more and more folks are interested in buying local, grass-fed, all-natural beef. But what does “all-natural” really mean?

Pinning the Tail on “All Natural”

“Natural” can mean a lot of things. For beef to be labeled as “natural,” the USDA only requires that it’s minimally processed and doesn’t contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. It’s worth looking a little deeper when a local meat delivery company claims their products are all-natural. What definition are they using?

When we tell you Augustus Ranch produces “all-natural Texas beef,” we mean our animals live out their lives in a way that’s entirely natural to them. Our cattle are 100% raised in outdoor herds, with grass beneath their feet and the freedom to graze and roam in a low-stress natural environment.

Our Texas beef is locally raised, locally butchered, and shipped directly to your table. We never give our beef livestock antibiotics or hormones—ever. In rare cases where cattle get sick and need medicine, we’ll follow the local vet’s advice to help the animal get better and remove it from our meat program.

That’s how you know the Texas beef on your plate is guaranteed all-natural, every time.

When You Support Local Farmers, You Make Quality Possible

It’s not easy to run a small, local, family-owned ranch in the meat business. Most meat is controlled by four large companies with enormous, industrialized cattle-rearing and butchering systems. This helps Big Beef drive down the costs of mass-produced meat, but it leaves quality by the wayside.

Family-run Texas beef farms like Augustus Ranch appreciate your loyalty and patronage because it makes true quality possible. And it’s worth it. Using local farms for meat will offer you nutrition and flavor that can’t be matched by mass-produced, conventional grain-fed beef raised in tiny dirt paddocks.

On top of culinary quality, you’ll know the cows were cared for from “cradle to grave.” The best local farmers produce all-natural beef from start-to-finish, all the way from genetics to your dinner plate. Only then can you be sure the food you’re eating had a good, healthy life on well-loved land.

Local farmers know the importance of responsible environmental stewardship, which is why Augustus Ranch uses rotational grazing and sustainable ranching practices to replenish our soil naturally. We take good care of our land because, like our customers, we want our family-owned pastures to continue providing rich natural resources for generations to come.

When you support local farmers, you vote with your dollar—for quality, health, and the environment. Buy grass-fed, all-natural Texas beef to reward your stomach and the local farmers who keep the legacy of natural, ranch-raised cattle alive and kicking.